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claRx Big Country Pharmacy was created to bring a better pharmacy experience to patients. We thrive on finding ways to streamline the prescription process when there is a medication issue of some kind like non-formulary medications not covered, or prior authorizations. To further improve the patient experience, we offer free same day delivery in Abilene and 1-3 business days to those outside of Abilene.

Our Team

The power behind all we do comes from our incredible team. They are the best in the business and work every day to bring great service to our patients.

When it comes to delivering medication to our patients the best way we can, we do it from two different perspectives.

1.  To make sure the patient is receiving the best price we can offer, we look at each prescription and analyze it using a combination of the following tactics: manufacturer coupons when available, source medication from many different wholesalers, work directly with prescribers to complete prior authorizations and expedite medication changes when needed. This results in a patient generally receiving their medication quickly and at great prices and within 3 business days.

2.  To streamline prescriber office workflow, we diligently look at each prescription and patient combined with their payment method, (private insurance, government assisted insurance, or self-pay) and our expertise in dermatology medication to provide the lowest cost possible for the patient. With this method, we are able to eliminate many issues other pharmacies present a prescriber or patient with. This results in a more efficient prescriber office that is able to focus on their patients and have minimal, yet clear communication with claRx Big Country Pharmacy. 

Reduced Prescribing
Office Labor

We view the prescriber office as part of our team and do everything we can as a pharmacy to make the prescriber to pharmacy relationship as advantageous as possible. We reduce prior authorization requests using a more thorough understanding of medications and the patients different payment options.

Reduced Patient Cost

As experts in pharmaceuticals we keep track of prices and manufacturer rebates to apply to patients prescriptions in the most efficient way possible to reduce prior authorizations and expedite the medication to the patient.

Improved Patient Outcomes

We increase the percentage of patients that pick-up their medication using the previous two approaches and counseling the patient in a way that aligns with most prescribers. This gives the patient a better opportunity to use their medication correctly and successfully.

Sending Prescriptions

EMR (Surescripts ID): 1172298996
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Our Info

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